This week’s Blog – Interview with Miguel De Andrade

At Peter Staunton Design we love what we do and everyone at Peter Staunton Interior Design is responsible for the amazing projects that we work on. We can’t expect you to love what we do if our team doesn’t love it first.

We are passionate about what we do and every member of our team is responsible for this.

We thought it would be a great idea for you to know more about the dynamic team behind Peter Staunton Interior Design and what they do every day to make Peter Staunton Interior Design a positive and creative place to be. Please meet Miguel De Andrade…

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  1. Tell us what you do at Peter Staunton Interior Design Ltd?

A little bit of everything! I would say that I spend 80% of my time designing 3Ds and working on floor plans/elevations, 10% on web, marketing and social media, 5% of press and the remaining 5% helping the studio in whatever is needed like installations, hanging curtains, steaming, carrying stuff, etc. The good thing about being part of a small team and business is that whatever you do, even the smallest things matters and makes the difference helping to achieve a greater goal. Also, I am always learning and improving which feels rewarding!


  1. Tell us more about the 3d work that you do?

Generally speaking, I model meshes such as floor plans; walls; furniture; lights; accessories; etc., apply textures and set the scene to render and the end result is a raw computer-generated image that when approved goes to post-production. When I came on board the first thing I realised is the difficulties that come when trying to explain a concept to a client or even to a team member! So I started to get interested in 3D visualisations and from the beginning I knew that it would be a good add-in to the studio. Peter used to outsource those services and the amount of wasted time just for doing a simple tweaking was enormous! In order to help Peter to surpass those difficulties, I started to source courses and went for it improving with every project and with the determination of taking what we do to the next level.


  1. Which project is your favourite & why?

On 3D definitely would be Flint Hall. It was the project that allowed me to improve immensely and the feedback from the client was just fantastic when we were always showing something better than the last presentation, it was kind of a journey for me and just knowing that at the moment we are just around 20% of what we can achieve makes me smile and feel excited about the future!

Finished projects would be The Harbury Country House. There’s something magical about those rooms and the pictures look nice but being there is just another mood.


  1. What is it like working for Peter Staunton?

It’s awesome! And I don’t say it because I am on the blog haha! I came from a background where you have to achieve goals no matter what and how, which is synonym of being under pressure and generating stress (although I am quite cool and dealt with it flawlessly!) the first time I came into the shop I knew that it would be a fantastic experience. Peter at all levels is a true leader, he keeps us motivated and what I enjoyed the most is that gives the freedom to create and improve so you feel all the time that you can keep pushing the boundaries and bring new and fresh ideas to the table because you know he will listen and have a positive approach.

I also share the vision that Peter has for the business and I believe in it which is the most important! and I am always saying this but Peter will be my last boss and the last leader I will follow, the next would be myself with my own vision.


  1. Tell us about a general day working at Peter Staunton Design?

Well, it starts with putting out the plant’s pot and turning the lights on! In my perspective is plain and pure focus, when walking from the flat in the morning I always think of what I need to do for the day and then calibrate according to the studio’s needs. Because Peter is a super busy guy it gets sometimes difficult to sit and go through stuff I need him to check so I have been more proactive during my day and reactive when needed. I am probably one of the quietest people in the studio and it is not because I am shy to talk but because I enjoy what I do and feel motivated to present something new, show improvement and the only way of doing that is head to the monitor and get the most out of my time.

At Peter Staunton Interior Design you will have meetings to discuss the present & future, time to enjoy a chat and time to focus and because of being a small team we help each other all the time and we are kind of a family that enjoys being together. It is the healthiest work environment I have ever seen!


  1. What would you like to create?

In short-term period I would like to create a true experience of real-time visualisations in order to help Peter and colleagues in their presentation to clients. I want to bring the “wow” factor with every new presentation and improves as times goes on.

In long-term period I would like to create the most rock n rolling furniture & lighting pieces in the world.


  1. Who inspires you?

Product Design: Marcel Wanders and Zaha Hadid.

Peter inspires me as a family guy and leader. If I ever have a kid I would like to be a father as cool as Peter.


  1. Favourite rock band?

Uff! The most difficult question of all! Let’s say that I have a Hall of Fame of favourite bands so my number 1 bands are: Led Zeppelin, Queen, Dio, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Haggard and Heroes del Silencio


  1. Which city would you take your girlfriend to for a date night?

Valletta – Malta. Never have been there but I would love to see the sunset in Valletta with a glass of wine with my girlfriend.


  1. If you had to choose one photograph that represents you which one would it be?

I found this picture years ago and I instantly felt that represents lots of things in my personality and life. Calmly and peacefully I need to shape my destiny and get ready to go through the mist even when waters agitates and the future does not look so clear.


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