Peter Staunton at Salone Del Mobile 2017

At the start of every April, the world of design migrates to Milan to share ideas and to launch new collections.  The city becomes a hub of unique design with thrilling events in every corner of the city. Salone Del Mobile attracts more than 300,000 visitors from over 165 different countries. Launched in September 1961, originally focusing on showcasing Italian design and manufacturers, Salone Del Mobile now hosts a vast number of European brands including many UK brands.

Our weekend was full of unique events, our first stop the Nhow hotel, our home for the weekend, set in Milan’s lively Tortona district. This hotel is a focal point for the visionary creative, with many state-of-the-art artistic creations taking place here.


Via Tortona is a hub of creativity, walking the streets fills you with a sense of excitement, especially when you arrive at  Moooi’s “A Life Extraordinary”.  Moooi filled a 1700 m2 space into a buzz of excitement, presenting different rooms with their own functional appearance. The atmosphere was graceful with attention to detail design reflecting idea’s in different settings like hotels, restaurants, lobbies, homes and bars. Moooi wanted to make their guests feel special, comfortable and understood, they succeeded.


One of our favourite pieces was the Charleston Sofa Chair by Marcel Wanders. The swivel chair certainly attracted attention, a sofa turned on its side… quite literally.


After spending Friday night, indulging in the atmospheric streets of Via Tortona, we headed to Salone Del Mobile. We are always on the hunt for new suppliers, although there are many here only a few really catch your eye, Montellassi most certainly did that. Montellassi 1926 has to be one of my favourites from the show, not just for their outstanding pieces, but because of the history behind the company. If you are interested in true Italian design with a history that spans over 90 years then this is for you.  Today the company is run by the fourth generation Nicola Remo Mantellassi and his wife Roberta with the 5th generation not far behind. They say Italians do it better and in this case, I couldn’t agree more. Their designs are simple, distinctive and reflect pure luxury.


We look forward to using some of their unique pieces in our projects.

Last but not least, is a firm favourite of ours Caccaro, we have used their designs in our own home and on a number of projects.

Caccaro designs are elegant and timeless with a sense of warmth and softness. My favourite piece is the Camerino DB, this is a walk in wardrobe that can be fitted into small interiors. With great storage capacity designed to optimise storage, this is every girl’s dream.  Each Caccaro product can count on cutting edge design catered to the very highest expectation, once again excellence made in Italy.


If you want to sample some great design with a passion for things well made Salone del mobile is the place to be. The great thing about Italians is that they are very good at adding work and life onto food and wine, not only do they have some of the best design in the world the food is also top notch. After a day of design, we kicked back with amazing food and the nicest bottle of white wine I have sampled in a long time. Milan is mouthwatering chic and a trip to this city is well worth it.

They say when life gives you twists and turns chique yourself up in Italy.  Thank you, Milano, for a truly inspiring weekend.

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