At Peter Staunton Interior Design we think Christmas is the season for Kindling the fire of hospitality, that is why the month of December is always a busy one for the team. We want to make sure all our client’s homes are ready for the festive season and we know the best gifts around any Christmas tree is the presence of a happy family in a lovely home.


It is a true saying that as you grow older your Christmas list gets shorter because the things you really want cant be bought, however, we do think there is room for everyone on Santa’s good list, so we thought we would list a few little luxuries that you might love in your homes at Christmas.


The Zinc Textile brand is, seductive, tactile and urban. The seductive part comes to mind when perusing which throw to choose from. This is a perfect gift for Christmas, there is a collection of nine. Will it be Arctic Fox, Laughing Owl or maybe you are a cougar?. All the Zinc throws are lined in an elegant silk sateen, perfect for snuggling around the tree at Christmas.

Zinc Cougar Throw - Peter Staunton Interior Design


Nobilis…a name which comes from the Latin word Nobile, meaning distinguished or in good taste, certainly helps when choosing a Christmas gift. A Peter Staunton Design we love the cushions from Nobilis Paris, materials that are rich and elegant. Will you choose the Coussin Hermine, the Grizzli or the Comanche?.



The answer may not lie at the bottom of a bottle of champagne but we should at least check, especially if the Champagne has been chilled in a Tom Dixon Hex Champagne bucket. Tom Dixon is a firm favourite of Peter Staunton design. Tom Dixon, OBE is a self-taught British designer. He is currently the Creative Director of the brand ‘Tom Dixon’ specialising in Lighting, Furniture and Accessories.



Mcintosh and Paul are our local for home accessories, especially the Voluspa Candles, candles that add luxe to your home at Christmas. All Voluspa candles are fuelled by a love for art and fragrance.
Christian Dior once said make me a fragrance that smells like love, when you walk into Macintosh and Paul the smell of love hits you but in many different senses. Hopefully, once you have gotten round to smelling every candle in this wonderful place, you might even make it home in time for Christmas Eve.



On Christmas Eve we hope you will end your night kicking off your heels and changing into something even more glamorous before going to bed, after all, its Christmas, burn the candles, wear the fancy lingerie or the silk satin pyjamas. Our favourites are Coco Silk Satin’s by Olivia Von Halle, or the Lila leopard print, so hard to choose. Designs inspired by the lounging pyjamas worn by Coco Chanel. Be careful though, waking up in these might turn you into a morning person, well we do hope so on the 25th December anyway…

Pester_Staunton_Interior_Design_oliviaWe hope that this year you won’t be getting your Tinsel in a tangle and from all of us at the Peter Staunton Design Studio we wish you a Merry everything and a happy always….

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