10 black & silver rooms with rock n’ roll chic edge

At Peter Staunton Interior Design, we have used a lot of black and silver in our Clients various rooms.  A darker room makes the light colours stand out in the scene producing a contrast that brings a sense of exclusivity and chicness to the interior.




You can make a room look elegant whether you use a cool black patterned wallpaper or black painted walls contrasting with white fabrics and silver finishes on the furniture and lighting.


A patterned zebra fabric or a rug are one of the easiest things to match with a black or white room, it gives you the best of two worlds bringing a cool rock n roll chic edge to the scene.



Bathrooms look super sleek using black & silvers, even more so using a silver sink rounded with a cool marble in white or black.


Not forgetting those who likes an eclectic approach but with a rock n roll chic edge, here is the perfect inspiration with a British touch.

I hope you enjoy our interior design ideas.  Keep tuned for more inspirations!

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